Monday, February 22, 2010

The Great Los Angeles Burger Adventure - La Grande Orange

Chill vibe - check. Great decor - check. Located on one of the best streets on the west side -check. La Grande Orange was practically a winner before I even walked through the door. It didn't take much to make me enjoy this meal as a whole. But as these things happen, the burgers were pretty darn good too! We went for one of The Cheeseburgers and a California Griddle burger with fries, a beer for me and a sangria for DD. Sounds like a good lunch. The Cheeseburger is as sounds - A cheeseburger with tomatoes, pickles onions and cheese. Simple but done very well. The meat was ample, juicy and tasty. The veggies tasted like they were picked that morning and the bun was soft and fresh. They did a great job with the cheese tossing it on shredded and then letting it melt. The California Burger was similar but with a different cheese. The fries were a standout for sure. Maybe not the best burger in LA but it was good and the overall experience was excellent. I'll be back at La Grande Orange to try the rest of the menu!!

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