Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Great Los Angeles Burger Adventure - 8oz. Burger Bar

Our next Burger Adventure is from Govant Armstrong who switched out the high end Table 8 to 8oz. Burger Bar. Located on Melrose, the setting was upscale and comfortable. The playlist hit the mood just right. Then the servers opened their mouths. From that point on, it was a tough night. We sat at the bar so I'm talking specifically about the bartenders (though we sat there because the hostess wanted to squeeze next to a table in an otherwise empty bar). Let's just say they were not knowledgeable about the food or the beer or necessarily helpful. That was a downer but I'll move on and get to the reason for coming...The Burgers. I ordered the signature "The 8oz." and DD ordered the infamous Short Rib Grilled Cheese. On the side, Onion Rings and Truffle Potato Skins. The burger came with house blend, iceburg, pickle, tomato, white onion and 8 oz. special sauce. For cheese, I selected the Bel Paese. I liked the burger. The meat was well cooked and veggies fresh and plentiful. The cheese was also quite good. The only recommendation that was correct!! It was juicy and easy to handle. DD felt it came out a little cold and she was probably right but it was one of the best parts of the meal. The Shortrib Grilled Cheese came with onion marmalade and Bel Paese cheese. It was pretty good but I was glad I only ate half cause it was super rich. The onion rings were very good - crispy and flavorful and went great with the ketchup. The Truffle Potato Skins on the other hand were kind of dry and under seasoned. They could have used a salty dipping sauce. Overall, the burger was pretty good but the experience as whole wasn't on par with some of the other burger joints in LA.

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