Monday, February 22, 2010

The Great Los Angeles Burger Adventure - Baby's Badass Burgers

My first burger truck review. Bet it won't be the last!!! From the start I like this truck just based on attitude alone. Can't go wrong with a giant pink truck turning out burgers from attractive girls. They had me at Badass Burgers!! As this is a truck, the burgers were munched a two different locations. This was done for reasons of necessity and to check consistency. Well, mostly this is just the way it happened. The first sample was the Original Beauty slider tasted at The LA Street Food Fest (a post for another day). The OG came with swiss cheese, grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms and baby's special sauce. It was a nice slider! The cheese, onions and mushrooms worked, the bread nice but the sauce, the sauce was fantastic. Like the Dude's rug, it brought the whole thing together. The meat was a little overcooked for me but it seems that's they way they serve em here. I'm not going to argue with the Badass Babies. After the food fest, we hunted down the truck at the Brig on a beautiful President's Day afternoon. There we started with the All American Girl. Built with smoked cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickle and special sauce. This was also a very tasty burger! Needed some more sauce for my taste but next time I'll ask for it. Next up was the Cougar - Growl!!! This one had aged beef, St. Andre cheese and black truffles. Fancy!! This one was also a very tasty burger! The truffles blended nicely with the cheese and meat. Couldn't tell the diff between the aged beef and the beef on the others but I'm not going to take points off for that. All of these were ordered as sliders which come in pairs. I will visit the babies again to tackle one of the Maneater size burgers and wash it down with the sweet potato fries.

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