Monday, May 24, 2010

The Great Los Angeles Burger Adventure - The Oinkster

The Oinkster, where to begin.? For starters, I'm completely down with concept - Good, high quality, affordable, simple food done to perfection. The space looks like an old T-Bell or Der Weinerschnitzel. The slogan is "Slow Fast Food" and the menu reflects just that. Not surprising that it comes from an acclaimed chef - Andre Guerrero. Out of necessity, I did more than just burgers on this stop but we'll start this post with the burger. The Classic 1/3 lb. Burger came with house made thousand island dressing, house cured dill pickles, onions, tomato and lettuce. It was perfectly cooked, pink and juicy. The veggies were so fresh they tasted like they come straight from the farm. The bread straight from the bakery. It was well put together and a delight to eat. The burger was washed down with some piggy fries and an Oinkster Pastrami. The fries were crispy and tender piled high with chili, cheese and onions. The Pastrami came with Gruyere cheese, caramelized onion and red cabbage slaw. A great sandwich with plenty of flavor and fresh ingredients. Oh and it gets better, they serve local craft beers and, get this, an Ube Milkshake. Superb. The Oinkster is by no means close to us but for sure worth the drive.

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