Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Great Los Angeles Burger Adventure - The Golden State

We happened to go to this casual brewery/gastropub on the day Jonathan Gold's piece came out in LA Weekly. And after meeting the nice folks that inhabit The Golden State, I'm glad they are getting their due props. The Garden State is self described as "a talent show for the best makers of food and drink in California." They bring together the best of California microbreweries, wineries and local food. They are all about sustainable and locally grown product and feature foods foods of some local LA Favorites. These include sausages from Let's Be Frank and the incredible ice cream from Scoops. I could go on about the these treats and the fine service but this is all about the burger so I'll get straight to that. The order of the night was The Burger with sweet potato wedges and garlic aioli, the special Lamb Burger and the original Let's Be Frank Hot Dog with garlic aioli, caramelized onions and peppers.. All washed down with a beer float and a bunch of the lovely CA brews. The Burger consisted of Harris Ranch Beef, Fiscalini Farms Cheddar (supposed to be on of the best), bacon, arugula, aioli and ketchup. The result was a very fine burger. The meat was cooked very nicely - flavor on the outside and pink on the inside, but it wasn't the most juicy of burgers I've had lately. The Brioche bun was a great complement and the bacon and aioli ketchup mixture brought everything together. Overall, the components all went together very well and the expert beer pairings only added to the experience. I also checked out the Lamb Burger which was a daily special. Fresh Colorado Lamb with melted Gruyere, roasted peppers, yogurt dill sauce with a touch of ketchup on a Brioche bun...Sounds good and it is. Each bite had an avalanche of flavors - the cheese, aioli and brioche was followed by a very lamb tasting patty then followed by..a touch of mint!! The
mint, and added surprise,was mixed into the meat and finished off the sandwich nicely. I know
this blog is all about burgers but I must mention the dog from Let's Be Frank. The taste was so pure, meaty, salty, deliciousness I must find the truck and try the original. As an extra, extra added treat, we indulged in the Beer Float. It's made from Old Rasputin Stout and Brown Bread Ice Cream - Fantastic. Overall, I really, really enjoyed my night at The Golden State. The service and attention to detail matched the the quality and taste of food and the beer knowledge to make this a great night out!!

The OG - Golden State Burger

Sweet Potato Fries

The Lamb Burger

Let's Be Frank

Old Rasputin Stout Beef Float

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