Monday, April 20, 2009

The Great Los Angeles Burger Adventure - Houston's

As we were researching The Great Los Angeles Burger Adventure, an apparent anomaly kept popping up time and time again.  It was hard to wrap our head's around but bloggers in LA swore that Houston's had one of the cities top burgers.  As the internet never steers me wrong, I had to investigate by checking out Houston's in the Westfield Century City Mall.  As I suspected, the internet did not lie!! We got two burgers, the standard and the California.  The menu stated that the meat was hand ground each morning and the buns house made.  They weren't making it up as these were the strongest part, the foundations of a couple of good burgers.  The standard (that's what I'm calling the cheeseburger) came out with a plump juicy patty complete with cheese, veggies and condiments.  We forewent any additional condiments to  taste the burgers as they intended us to.  The standard was great.  The juicy patty was complemented with a tasty sesame seed bun, lettuce tomato.  The burger held together well and the use of really great tasting pickles was a pleasant surprise.  The combo of good bread, juicy patty and fresh veggies completed a very good sando.  The California Burger was similar to "The Standard" but came with arugula, red onion and  a healthy topping of avocado.  It tasted a bit more charred than the other but the flavors went together very well.  Overall, I say Houston's deserves to be listed among LA's top far.

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