Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Great Los Angeles Burger Adventure - Comme Ca

Comme Ca Burger

Comme Ca is an LA take on a classic French brasserie.  Known for it's Parisian dishes and specialty cocktails, it is also home to a wonderful burger.  The Comme Ca buger is an Angus patty with cheddar, lettuce, onions and dressing served with pommes frites on the side accompanied with a garlic aioli.  We ordered ours medium rare with a couple glasses of wine (the perfect lunch while holiday shopping!).  These were some great burgers - very simple and not overly "gourmet."  I know we were in for something special after the first bite.  The meat was a generous, super thick patty cooked to perfection.  It was wonderfully seasoned, pink on the inside and JUICY.  The bun was a toasted brioche and the cheese, veggies and dressing just helped to augment the great flavor of the burger.  It was a little hard to eat as it got a little messy and hard to cramm into the pie hole but that is the only complaint and a little one at that.  Each bite was a wonderful experience and a great example of a classic burger done well (not well done!!).  The fries were also some of the best that I've had.  They were thin, salty and cooked to perfection.  Dipped in the aioli, they were quite a treat.  The wines were a Syrah from Carneros in Napa and a Louis Tete boujouleis.  Both were excellent and made it feel like the holidays!!! 

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