Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Great Los Angeles Burger Adventure - Five Guys Burgers & Fries

Five Guys Burgers & Fries
This is a well known burger chain from the Washington DC area that has been expanding rapidly.  We are lucky to have one in SoCal!!!  The menu is straightforward - you pick either hamburger, cheeseburger or baconburger and then choose from a variety of toppings.  Each comes with two patties.
  Or you can order your
 burger small which means one patty.  I went with a cheeseburger with mayo, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions and jalapenos.  DD went with a
 cheeseburger with mayo, pickle, tomato and grilled onions.  On the side, we split an order of the world famous fries.  Well, we figured out 
what people back east were raving about!!!  As a whole, the burger was well 
put  together and each bite delivered all the flavors.  The patties were thin and cook
ed as advertised "well done and juicy." All the ingredients were very fresh but the buns in 
particular stood out.  They were lightly toasted and very fresh.  The combo of
 the bun, cheese, meat and mayo was heavenly.  They forgot to put on my jalapenos which worked out for the better as
 they were not needed.  We also decided to split a small cheeseburger with mushrooms, mayo, tomatoes and grille onions.  This was also very good.  The mushrooms had a great flavor and all the ingredients were well portioned.  The fries were also quite good.  They tasted like they were made on the spot, which they were, and one medium order could feed three people.  As good as they were, I'd 
probably forgo the fries next time and save room for more burger!!
  Five Guys have a good thing going and should be looking for more locations around LA

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