Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Great Los Angeles Burger Adventure - Lucky Devils

Where do you find the best burgers in Los Angeles?  After proposing the question, we realized there are no conclusive answers.  Sounds like a challenge to me!!!  We're going to check out as many renown burgers in the LA area as is physically possible.  

Lucky Devil's Lucky Burger and Kobe Chipotle Burger
Located on Hollywood Blvd. not too far from Hollywood and Highland., this is a upscale diner style restaurant.  It has been getting some rave reviews for the burgers, shakes and beers.  The menu is very original and right up my alley.  We went with two of the dinner favorites, the Kobe Chipotle Burger and the Lucky Burger.  On the side we added the Kobe Chili Cheese Fries and each had a shake.  The burgers were fantastic!!  Specifically the chipotle burger was surprisingly good.  The toasted Brioche Bun tasted homemade, the veggies fresh and the meat was juicy and cooked to perfection.  I'm not a huge chipotle fan so it was nice that the chipotle aoli was smooth and worked with the other flavors,
 not over powering all the other good ingredients.  The Lucky Burger was also very good though the toasted potato bun was as good as the Brioche.  Would  have gotten higher
 marks but Chipotle Burger was just better.  The Kobe Chili Cheese were tastie and the portion generous.  I could eat those again for sure.  The shakes on the other hand had a strange sour taste.   I'll have to give the shakes a retry as maybe it was an off night.   The beer list rocked!

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