Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Great Los Angeles Burger Adventure - Hungry Cat

Hungry Cat
The Pug Burger with Bacon, Avocado and Blue Cheese
Been to Hungry Cat a few times and always went with the seafood (fantastic by the way).  But had to try the Pug Burger after hearing good things.  It didn't disappoint.  We sat at the bar which opened up to the kitchen  and were able to watch the chefs, a bit.  In addition to the ingredients above, the burger was served on sourdough with greens and onions.  Ketchup, mayo and mustard served on the side with a pile of french fries.  The meat was a thick, juicy slab of ground beef cooked to perfection  (I go medium rare).  The flavors all went together beautifully and each bite seemed to give the full spectrum.  The bacon was thick cut and blended nicely with the avo and blue cheese.   My partner in crime and I split two burgers, one with fried egg on top.  Both were excellent and if you're like me and love an egg on top of just about anything, go for it.  The egg made it a little harder to eat but added great texture and flavor.   I don't really have a ratings system but give this burger two thumbs up, four stars or a smily face.  It was awesome!!!

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