Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Great Los Angeles Burger Adventure - O! burger

The Classic O!burger and O!dog
O!burger in West Hollywood is a refreshing all organic eatery focusing on burgers & shakes.  Every item on the menu, including condiments, sauces, etc., are all organic.  The meats are all grass fed and high in good stuff (for more info. on that check out the website).  And as an added plus, they strive to be as eco-friendly as possible with packaging made from renewable resources that are recyclable, compostable and/or biodradable.  Eating here should even out our carbon footbprint after we hit up Five Guys, who seemed to use as much packaging as humanly possible.  Even the decor was from renewable and reclaimed sources.  Now for the food....The order of the day was a classic O!buger with cheese and special sauce, small fries, an O!dog to split and a shake with dates and bananas.  The burger came out looking fresh and tasty.  A whole wheat bun, with lettuce, tomato, cheese and wonderfully sweet grilled onions.   Upon first bite, the pure freshness of all the ingredients stood out.  Unfortunately for me, the weakest component was the patty.  It seemed like it had decent flavor but was way overcooked for my taste and wasn't very juicy.  Despite that setback, I still thoroughly enjoyed the burger on the strength of all the other ingredients, specifically the bun and grilled onions.  The fries were excellent.  Perfectly crispy but not greasy with great flavor. On a whim I grabbed on O!dog to split.   This was a thing of beauty!!  Butterfly cut and grilled to 
perfection, the dog was served on a delicious bun with grilled onions and a zesty mustard sauce.   Top notch!  The shake was also a treat.  The date and banana combo was sweet and creamy but not over the top.  I'll definitely come back to O!burger as the food was good and concept refreshing.  After dining at other burger joints, it is refreshing and pleasing to the conscience to support an establishment that really cares about the planet.  In fact, they  purposefully give out minimal amounts of napkins and condiments to reduce waste. Most places use so much unnecessary packaging, even for dine in meals, that it makes me cringe.   I sincerely wish more restaurants would take their lead.  

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